Monthly lottery rules

We will be launching a collection of 1,000 NFTs that will entitle you to participate in each monthly draw.

MINT date: 01/05/2022
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Rules for the monthly NFT MAG lottery:

(Rules and information may change during the development of the project)

A monthly article will be published every 15th of the month on our magazine to highlight the NFTs to be won the following month and to make the winners known to the public.
The objective is to create a way for you to win gifts and consolation prizes through the web 3.0 channel and for this we have chosen Solana as our blockchain!

What are the prizes of the NFT MAG lottery?

The prizes that will be awarded in the monthly draw will be the NFTs that we buy on the secondary market and the NFTs that our partners have decided to offer you.

You can win an NFT that already has a value on the market, as well as an as yet unknown NFT whose value will increase in the future.

The aim of this game is to offer you the chance to win an NFT every month.

What are the draw dates?

Every 14th of the month a snapshot of the holders will be taken to validate your participation.

On the 15th of each month you will have the results in our online magazine NFT MAG.

What are the conditions to participate in the NFT MAG draw?

Hold an unlisted NFT on the secondary market on the 14th of each month.

How much of the royalties from the re-sale of NFTs?

β€œ20% of the royalties will be used to always have a fund to buy NFTs for you to earn!”

The mid-term goal is to offer at least 1 NFT every month to at least 50% of the holders with the NFTs giveaways from our parteners.

If the project goes according to plan and we find other participating partners, we will try to offer one NFT each month to each of you!

Collaboration with NFT creators on Solana

If you are an artist and would like to offer one of your NFTs to our readers, and thus benefit from the visibility of our audience through a blog post that will highlight your collection of NFTs within the framework of the contest.

Currently, the site has nearly 70,000 visits per month and is growing.

Creators you can contact us at